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Affective reactions to hooking up

Affective reactions to hooking up

On average, both women and men seem to have greater good impact than negative influence following a hookup. In one single research, among individuals who had been expected to characterize the early morning after having a hookup, 82 % of males and 57 per cent of females had been generally happy that they had done it (Garcia & Reiber, 2008). The space between gents and ladies is notable and shows a typical sex distinction in affective responses.

Likewise, in a report of 832 students, 26 per cent of females and 50 % of guys reported experiencing positive following a hookup, and 49 % of females and 26 percent of guys reported a reaction that is negativethe remainders for every sex had a mixture of both negative and positive reactions; Owen et al., 2010).

Nevertheless, both sexes additionally encounter some negative affect since well. In a study that is qualitative asked 187 individuals to report their feelings after an average hookup, 35 per cent reported feeling regretful or disappointed, 27 % good or pleased, 20 per cent pleased, 11 per cent confused, 9 per cent proud, 7 per cent excited or stressed, 5 per cent uncomfortable, and 2 percent desirable or desired (Paul & Hayes, 2002). However, this same research discovered that emotions differed during hookups compared with just after: During an average hookup, 65 % of individuals reported feeling good, aroused, or excited, 17 % desirable or desired, 17 % absolutely absolutely nothing in particular or had been centered on the hookup, 8 % embarrassed or regretful, 7 per cent nervous or frightened, 6 per cent confused, and 5 percent proud (Paul & Hayes, 2002).

Hook-up regret

A quantity of research reports have looked over regret pertaining to hookups and also have documented the negative emotions women and men may feel after casual intercourse. (more…)

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