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Medellin Dating Tips: Up-to-Date Information for Foreign Guys

Medellin Dating Tips: Up-to-Date Information for Foreign Guys

Dating tip #9. Who’s having to pay?

So, you’re in a continent where machismo is fairly set… and although ladies could do with less from it, it is nevertheless the tradition in Colombia that dudes will probably pay the bills.

In Colombia (not merely Medellin), the ladies anticipate the man to cover. Now once more, it doesn’t need to be with everybody, but be prepared to constantly buy the dates that are first. Nonetheless, it is feasible (but unusual) to locate some ladies which will provide to separate the tab and even spend the tab that is entire.

It may take place that the lady expects you to fund her taxi. This will grow to be quite a uncommon situation for someone you came across on the web when before even fulfilling her in-person you will need to spend her taxi fare…

In case when you’ve got a lady requesting for cash or even buy her things, then it is almost certainly an idea that is good elsewhere.

Paisa feamales in Medellin, picture by Jonathan Magnin

Dating tip #10. She Might “Measure Your Oil”

“Medir el aceite” implies that a woman that is few test you… only a few females do that. And also this is certainly not a generality and it is maybe perhaps perhaps not supposed to offend anybody. Nonetheless it’s something we struggled with when I began dating in Medellin. And since we appear to have discovered what you should do, I’d prefer to share the 2 examples below with you. (more…)

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