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Aussie furries talk out, say they’re misinterpreted

Aussie furries talk out, say they’re misinterpreted

THIS week-end, hundreds of furries from about the planet are descending on Sydney for the week-end of socialising, ingesting and gambling.

But, the burgeoning fan tradition – for which individuals spend thousands on custom-made animal matches and hook up at cafes, bars, events and conventions – happens to be lampooned by the news internationally as a deviant sex-crazed cult.

The typical accusation is the fact that gatherings of anthropomorphic animal characters with individual characters and characteristics become wild orgies, where furries obtain it on with each other while donning their flamboyant matches.

Which will make life a lot more embarrassing, the obscure subculture has linked with bestiality and reportedly infiltrated by right-wing extremists and white supremacists known as “alt-furries” – claims which numerous within the furry community have actually strenuously rejected. (more…)

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