Are Danish Women The Most Abused Women In Europe?

‘Danish Women Put Up With Less’: Gender Equality And The Politics Of Denial In Denmark

When the institution was closed in 1963 it was the utility of the therapeutic strategy, never the prognosis, that was questioned. In conclusion, a really large proportion of the young women had PCO based on the Rotterdam 2003 criteria. It is known that the number of follicles is greater at a young age than later in life.

Marriage was thought of a safe haven for a girl if the husband might preserve and help her, however marriage was not an possibility for the mentally poor with out special permission. The man was supposed to assist himself and his wife and have no contact with the poor-legislation administration. Vagrancy was seen as a menace both towards public health and public order. Female active sexuality and “aggressiveness” in the public domain was seen as deviant and dangerous. In the views of Kemp, Hartmann and the chief physicians for the mentally deficient, prostitution was a pathological phenomenon, which must be treated rather than punished.

The establishment of the ladies’s establishment turned a command for ladies on how they should be, by showing how “the worst ones” fared, and what “the worst” was. “The worst” was unchecked need, lack of capacity in employment, extramarital childbirth and being a burden on society. At the identical time the island establishment additionally helped to maintain discipline within the look after the mentally deficient.

The women had been “occupied” by cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, weaving, stitching, gardening and dealing the farm. At the identical time, they had been to be disciplined when it got here to behaviour. They have been taught the correct femininity, but on the identical time they weren’t supposed to develop into womanhood, either sexually or with regard to motherhood. They were to work on the island and later in supervised family care, however because of their “pathology” they had to work with out being paid. At the same time, the chief physician usually rejected the women’s choice of a husband.

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Even although we’ve good motion plans to deal with violence against women, the European research is affirmation that we’ve turn into blinkered with our blind perception that equality has been sorted out once and for all,” tells Ulla Tornemand. But we also found that sexual harassment is especially widespread among women in top positions. This means that men are reacting to the competition from women by harassing them sexually,” explains the spokeswoman from the EU Agency for Fundamental Human Rights. “We see a surprisingly sturdy link between the size of the violence and the level of equality. The greater a country ranks on the European Institute for Gender Equality’s gender-equality index, the upper the reported levels of gender-primarily based violence.

Women who have been placed in a mental institution on land, but ran away from it repeatedly, could be admitted to Sprogø as a disciplinary measure. It was the sensible task with regard to negative eugenics that the chief physicians responsible for the ladies’s establishment on Sprogø tried to resolve. These had been, primarily, Christian Keller (1858–1934) and Hans Otto Wildenskov (1892–1959).

Cologne And The (Un)Making Of Transnational Approaches To Sexual Violence

“We merely don’t need to hear that we’ve obtained an issue with abuse and violence in Denmark. And this is despite the fact that as just lately as final Christmas we ran out of locations at our women’s shelter due to the surge in violent domestic disputes. In the same means, girls need to put up with being groped by boys at school whose actions are merely dismissed of as mere ‘messing about’.

Another paper reported that the ladies on Sprogø had no particular response to the idea of sterilization, as sexuality was extra essential to them than motherhood, and that they had been, anyway, unable to look after the children they could bear. “Sterilization is a substantial intrusion in an individual’s life, but, however, there are the details that these women are not the type for whom motherhood means as a lot because it does for normal women (…)” (Vejle Amts Folkeblad 14 October 1952). The women’s institution on Sprogø may be seen as a drop within the ocean with regard to eugenics, well being risks, and poverty, but its importance as a reminder was marked.

One cause for this could be that talking brazenly about being a sufferer of violence is more accepted in nations with higher levels of gender equality. For instance, nations with high levels of alcohol abuse may also have excessive levels of gender-based violence.

Herning Avis wrote that, “Numerous tragedies are listed within the archives of Sprogø. They inform about very young girls who, because of sexual derailment, are taken from ships the place they let the sailors abuse them”, and that a substantial variety of “the women” had “incest on their conscience” (Herning Avis 15 October 1952).

At the same time, the chief physicians additionally needed to solve a social-hygienic task. This was to assist the mentally poor women and, at the identical time, protect society from them. Analyses of the case sheets conveys the theories of the time on eugenics, prostitution, and poverty combined with the chief physicians’ extra sensible and socio-hygienic interpretation of the aim of the ladies’ placement. The case sheets categorical a function within the women’s isolation, as a lot as they are about the particular person woman’s case.

The objective was in part to help, in part to render innocent those women who have been thought-about to be inflicting probably the most hurt. The case sheets are extra in regards to the hazard “the Sprogø girl” was thought to current through moral infection, social burden and venereal disease, than concerning the individual girl herself. A diagnostic best is constructed, so to talk, versus the perfect norm. The construct of the women is steady and unchanged as time goes by. The therapy utilized is also set as soon as and for all when the girl is admitted onto Sprogø.

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The therapy might, for example, take the type of confinement in the women’s institution on Sprogø. In the case sheet texts the ladies’s immorality is usually coupled to hyper-sexuality and nymphomania. Hyper-sexuality is a theme, which is repeated in newspaper articles about Sprogø. It becomes especially clear that the newspapers parrot the details about “the girls’” traits given by the staff in reference to a go to in 1952 by the Press Corps of Parliament.

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